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2023 Power Sound Audio UK Update

As I am sure you are aware, we had to take a step back from PSA sales in the UK (and EU). Whilst we love the product, cost volatility during and after COVID made it increasingly hard to keep the PSA business viable, as costs escalated significantly. We have always run with tight margins, and this just generated too much risk for us, and thus we have decided to pause any imports of PSA at this time.

We are continuing to service the existing products out there, and will have some demo and trade in stock available in due course.


The first of which is our demo TV36ipal. It started life as TV3612 but was upgraded during our ownership with new drivers, and re-flashed amp plate. This is very unique in the UK/EU. We have listed this here. The main issue is we do not have a box for the unit, and thus ideally it will need to be collected, but there is the possibility of shipping on a pallet (bubble wrapped), at cost, but we will need to work out these costs. Contact us if you want any more information.

We also have our demo S18ipal available too. This again does not have a box as the box was damaged in storage, and thus will need to be collected, or sent on a small pallet. Please contact us for more information.

There will be some more subwoofers, and speakers in due course, so keep an eye on eBay or this blog, and we will try and update.

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